How we work

We want to get to know you

After completing the form on our website, we will contact you by phone within 24 hours and we will plan a free and personal introduction meeting. To find the perfect match for you, we are curious who you are and what you find important in a partner and what you are looking for in a future relationship.

lets work!

After the introduction meeting at our office or location at your choise, we start to create an appropriate profile for you. This is nowhere presentable, so we are giving you the complete safety to be truly yourself. Of course we add a nice photo together there. After this we will immediately look for you actively! We work thoroughly and carefully. Sometimes this goes very fast, sometimes we need more time. After finding a match, we will let you know immediately. Togehter we discuss the profile and explain why we think he or she could be a potential match for you.


Enthusiastic? Then we give you the opportunity to get to know each other and make an appointment for a nice date! Do you need some date inspiration? We know your shared interests and are happy to help you. After the date we would of course like to know how it went and whether you would like to meet again. Did you have a nice evening but no real ‘click’? In that case, we will be looking more specifically for you.


We will start looking for you at the moment that we really have faith in finding a successful match. We work with professionals who aim to truly give our customers the love of their lives. If, therefore, for whatever reason, we do not succeed within one year, we give you the opportunity to extend one year for free!



Meet your personal matchmaker

Your privacy and anonymity are our primary concern. With our many years of experience in personal relationship mediation, we will open your door to happiness.

‘.. and now we say cheers to love!'