This is how we’ll find your ideal partner

First contact

In order to know who you are and what you’re looking for in love, we first have to get to know you. During our first meeting, we will talk about your lifestyle and about what you’re looking for in a partner. Of course we will also explain more about our services. Has this meeting been satisfactory and you want to proceed further with us? Then let’s plan a second meeting.

Personal interview

During the second meeting we will further explore your background and living environment, career, your views and ideas, expectations and interests. This will give us a good insight in your personal life, your own distinctive character traits, lifestyle and what you’re looking for in a partner. It will be a relaxed but serious conversation, which will be the starting point of our search.


In addition to a personal profile, our unique relationship test offers the base for finding your true partner. Based on this test, you receive our partner proposals that are linked to a match percentage.

Selection & introduction

Has your Personal Matchmaker found a few candidates with whom you might click? Then we will introduce you to them as soon as possible. We will explain their profiles with you extensively. The next step is up to you: who would you like to meet in person?

First date

When you have made your choice about who you would like to meet, you will receive all relevant information on the candidate in your personal member login environment. We will help you prepare for the first encounter. We also advise you on the location and activity for this first, unforgettable date. What about a dinner in an elegant restaurant? Or a beautiful walk? A boat trip? The chemistry between the two of you will decide your next step.


How was the date? Was there a click? We gladly discuss all your experiences with you personally. And what if the date did not meet your expectations? We also like to hear that. This will give us the opportunity to prepare even better for a next date.


Meet your personal matchmaker

Your privacy and anonymity are our primary concern. With our many years of experience in personal relationship mediation, we will open your door to happiness.

‘Discover people outside your network'.