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WHO ARE YOU? HOW DO YOU WANT TO present yourself?

Saron van de Laar, fashion stylist.

‘For me, styling is not a matter of finding the perfect outfit for the trend of the moment. It is a creative art form in which not only clothing is central, but especially personal taste, fit and color are looked at. Your clothing style says a lot about your personality and everyone is unique. It is a challenge for me to find a suitable outfit for every personal style. ‘

‘In 2016, after years of working as a Sociologist, I started working as a fashion stylist. Two totally different worlds that perfectly merged for me. I started as an assistant stylist for Grazia and Marie Claire and a year later as a freelancer for JFK Magazine. For these magazines I have worked with various BN-ers. Because of this I was always very driven to play with personal styles and to turn them into a fantastic combination between personality and fashion. “You are what you wear, so wear what you want to be.” You feel good inside and I think you can reflect this very nicely in your clothing style. I am not the stylist who will tell you what you have to wear. I am here to help you find and hold your identity through the right outfits for the right occasions. ‘

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Laila Willems, Photographer.

For conversation there is that first image … With my main instrument, my eyes, we go together to show your unaffected humanity, that first image. Together with Emotion Depth. So that you can rely on this photo in the search for love.

With almost 30 years of experience in photography, I have photographed well-known and unknown people during all stages of life.

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