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because we believe in true love!

Offline dating¬†for highly educated singles & single entrepreneurs¬†living in the Netherlands, who are looking for a loving relationship. We know our customers and we are there to help them find the right match in a guaranteed successful way! Offline, discreet and familiar. No online profile, but your own personal coach who gives you all the tool for a successful date. From signing up, til you stand face to face with your potential match. You’re in great hands! So, are you done with endless swiping and convinced that you will not find your true love excedentely in the supermarked? Get acquainted with your Personal Matchmaker without any obligation!

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who are we?

Personal Matchmaker has a leading position in the top of offline relationship mediation and it makes us proud to keep this name as an exclusive matchmaker. With more then twelve years of experience, we may call ourselves a specialist in finding the way to true love and happiness. Privacy and trust are central to our mediation.

personal and individual

At Personal Matchmaker we strive for optimal personal attention and contact. You will recieve your own personal matchmaker. One familiar face that really knows you and does everything to look after your wishes. Your matchmaker keeps you informed regularly so that you know exactly what is happening while you lean back carelessly to see us finding your love happiness.

real people, real dates

Personal Matchmaker has a large database with selectively selected singles. We do this manually so we know exactly with who our database is filled with. We aim for a 50/50 division between men and woman in the age group of 25 to 65 years.

why offline dating?

We believe that inner connection can provide that all-important ‘spark’. With the increasing popularity of social media and online dating, where everyone can be whoever he/she wants to be or pretend to be, we see that finding a real relationship is becoming more and more difficult. We know our customers and when we feel that we can not help them, we are honnest about that. Unlike online dating, where you can be a member for years and have no idea what the result is.

Meet your personal matchmaker
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